Monday, October 19, 2009

Self Defense

BYU Women’s Defense Workshop

will be on Saturday morning October 24th from 9:00am – noon. This special training for WOMEN ONLY will be taught by two Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) black belts, Paul Tom and Michael Pease, and the president of the BYU BJJ club, Collin Clifford.

There is NO CHARGE for participation.

This workshop will be open to not only BYU students, but also to any women from ages 14 and up. All will be required to sign waivers and ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 WILL BE REQUIRED TO HAVE PARENT SIGNATURES AT THE EVENT.

Please wear clothing that you can be active in. BYU dress code does apply.
The curriculum will be divided into three categories: verbal defense, standing defense, and ground defense.

Prayer and Scripture Study Discussion Notes

Hello everyone!
On Sunday October 11, we went over Elder Renlund's talk from the Sunday afternoon session of general conference. Please read/watch/listen to it again to get the full message.

In relief society we went over several ideas of ways to keep tabs on where we are spiritually (like taking a biopsy of your heart to see how healthy the tissue is) and the medicine we need to be taking daily (prayer and scripture study) to stay spiritually strong.

The following lists are ideas for keeping things fresh that we discussed on Sunday. Thanks to all for sharing!

Biopsy ideas: (Get a feel for where you are what you need to be working on)

Read Alma chapter 5
Preach my gospel page 126 - take an average of each category to see highs and lows
Ask the Lord what you should be working on
Ask family members/friends
Go to your own sacred grove
Take quiet time to think (alone :) )
Go to the temple - the answers that you receive there are from the Lord
Take paper and pencil with you to sacrament meeting and write down thoughts you have from what people say
Go to husband who can see where you need to do better.
Read patriarchal blessing
Listen/study conference
Don't look at all that you need to be doing and become discouraged!!! Pick ONE thing.

Daily Medication:

Improving prayer

Write outline before you pray to keep you on topic and your mind from wandering
Keep prayer journal - what you ask for and what you receive
Lifesaver Challenge!! - put a life saver mint candy in your mouth & pray until it's gone (no chewing!)
Praise the Lord - read Psalms
Read about Prayer in the bible dictionary
Pray out loud
Pray in the temple
Pray in private
When you pray visualize Heavenly Father being there
Pray and then go about your day without closing the prayer to see how it affects your behavior
Study prayer
Use husband as "built in prayer helper" - this will help your prayers and your marriage!
Thank Heavenly Father for what you have
Be patient! It takes time to be at the level that you want to be
Have daily devotionals with the Lord
Write a problem that you are having down and as you read scriptures and pray write what stands out to you

scripture study

Write down what you learn
Blog posts to share what you learned with others
Read Jesus the Christ - and lots of other scripture helper books ("Isaiah: Prophet, Seer, Poet" by Victor Ludlow, "Who's Who in the Doctrine and Covenants" by Susan Easton Black, and many many others)
Take advantage of BYU classes and religion manuals
Look at online manuals
Go to - gospel library - gospel topics- and read about everything!
Preach my Gospel
Study the Hymns
Read an entire book of scripture just by the chapter headings to get the big picture
Read a book of scripture backwards chapter by chapter! (Just to switch things up.)
Think: I want to see how scriptures apply to...[topic of your choice] (i.e. the atonement, faith, hope, etc.)
Apply what you read to your life, make it your own
Have your husband help you!
Read with breakfast!
Pair scripture study with something that you love
Express what you are learning in a creative way: write, compose music, paint a picture, make a monument/reminder/expression of what you have learned and how the Lord has taught you. This can also be an expression of praise and gratitude for things you have learned and/or accomplished with the Lord's help.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Cents & Sensibility: Successful Ways to Spend & Save

Lauren Barnes is doing a Financial Workshop this Thursday at 11:00am in 3380 Wilk on BYU Campus. She has some helpful websites to get coupons, how to do a budget, menu planning, good prices on food, starting food storage etc. Boys and non-students are welcome too!

Ward Campout!

Let's get together!

September 21st Announcements

Hello 201st ward Relief Society! Here are the announcements for this week:

Remember to check out our Relief Society Blog at!

Church-y Announcements:

This week's lesson will be Chapter 41: Becoming Saviors on Mount Zion.

Ward Choir-
We are desperately seeking voices for our ward choir for Sunday, September 27 and October 11 (ward conference)...and every week excluding fast Sundays in the future :). We have been asked to sing in sacrament meeting both of these days and would love to have all willing to participate join us! We will be singing two easy pieces (I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus/Be Still My Soul) and even if you haven't been to our practices before we want you to come!

We will be meeting before church at 12:10 in the chapel and DELICIOUS GOODIES WILL BE PROVIDED so don't miss out on the fun!!!

The General Relief Society Meeting will be held this Saturday, September 26th at 6:00 pm.
You can watch it at the BYU 17th stake center (710 S 800 E in Orem by Costco) or on the internet, BYU-TV or KBYU-TV. Check local listings for times.

General Conference is Coming! Take some time to spiritually prepare for a wonderful weekend Oct. 3-4.

Fast Sunday will be October 11th.

The "Prepare Now!" stake preparedness activity will be on Saturday October 17th from 10:00am-12:00pm at our building with JDawgs for lunch afterward. This is a great, informative activity that is well worth your time. Last year they covered not only food storage and emergency preparedness but also had mini classes on finances, wills and other important topics.

Service Opportunities:

Remember to check out our ward exchange on the relief society blog. If you have anything you'd like to get rid of or sell (furniture, old movies, toys, clothes (baby/maternity/etc.) or if you are looking for something to borrow or buy send us an email and we'll post it on the blog! When you send us a request or advertisement you'd like us to post on the blog, please send it to us exactly as you'd like it to appear (we don't want to accidentally put any more personal information on the blog than you want us to).

For Fun:

Cooking group will be at Connaly Wilkins house this Tuesday at 7PM. Connaly will have a great pasta dish to try, so come for the recipe, to chat, and to eat!!

Ladies' day out
will be at Aimee Kennington's house this Wednesday at 11AM.

Relief Society Opening Social and Visiting Teaching Kickoff this Wednesday September 23rd from 7:00-9:00 pm in our relief society room. Come to meet and mingle with other sisters in the ward, get your visiting teaching assignment, meet your companion and teachees, and sign up for mini enrichment groups! (Treats provided, of course.) (If you are unable to come, the visiting teaching assignments will be emailed out and mini-enrichment group sign ups will be available in Relief Society.)
See the attached flyer!

Ward Campout this Friday and Saturday, September 25th and 26th at Jolley's Ranch Campground in Hobble Creek Canyon (Springville).
Dinner at 6:00 pm Friday. Chilli cook off! Bring your favorite Chili to share. (There is electricity, so you can plug in a crock pot.) The Ward will provide the fixings, baked potatoes, drinks and paperware.
Spiritual Fireside at 7:00 pm.
Dessert served after the fireside.
Bring your own marshmallows for roasting.
Breakfast provided by the Ward Saturday morning.

If you were unable to sign up during sunday school, please contact the Gorings (707) 631-0002 so that they can have an accurate head count for food.

The campsite is reserved from noon on Friday to 10 p.m. on Saturday so feel free to come as early as you like and bring games.

Please carpool with other families in the ward if possible.

See the attached flyer for more details and directions.
See you there!

Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Apartment Available

Lauren Barnes found out about this apartment in the 169th ward if you are interested:

Apartment available for rent starting Oct. 15th/16th.
Stadium Gardens (literally just north of the church)
Contact Melissa
Cheap electric
Free Cable: MStar in living room, Comcast in bedroom
2 good sized bedrooms
lots of closets, built in bookshelves etc
dishwasher & refrigerator
washer/dryer hookups
his & her sinks in the bathroom (separate from bath tub & toilet)
reserved parking
fenced yard
free parking for football games
you can walk to church